[140207] From the Star:  Yunho birthday party ~^____.^~

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Happy Birthday Jung Yunho!

I hope you have an amazing day today! You’re such a lovely, passionate, and hard-working person, and I’m so glad to be a fan of someone as inspiring as you. I hope the next year brings many more great things for you, and that you continue to be happy with whatever you do. Happy Birthday ♡

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From the left (of the second last gif) are the actors: Jumpei Mizobata, Kenta Kiritani, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Tadanobu Asano, Changmin and Toshiyuki Nishida. And the director Kazuyuki Izutsu (who cannot be seen in the gif)

During the talk, Changmin stated that: “I had concert and movie going on at the same time and while on the stage I could build confidence, when I come to the scene of the movie, I faced difficulty in acting. I was worried if I could express Momo’s feelings since he is a quiet character. But I did my best and I have no regrets.”

Track Title: Something

Artist: TVXQ

Album: TENSE

i had to make a version without the dance solo (instruments) part. I just couldn’t wait till monday (and i’m sharing for those who don’t like it too)

it’s not a professional thing, so it’s not perfect

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i couldn’t stop watching the teaser version of this MV, so i was really used to the song, so when i first saw the full version, i heard something different that i was expecting (i love the song and i know i’ll get used to the full version, i just need to listening more times).

and i really enjoyed the MV (yunho, i want your black crop top/sweater, please!) and yes, changmin got the female dancers in his solo dance~

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(before i watch this for the first time, i through it was fake because of the setting but after i watch it i knew it was real… i still have no words for it, the only thing i can think about it’s changmin’s hair)

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10 years of greetings, 10 years of love. ♥
happy 10th anniversary dong bang shin ki ♥♥

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just rewatched this practice video and posting cos of the feels it gave me

like imagine, this practice was before they made a comeback as 2.

when this video was taken they didn’t know how far they could go as a duo.

they didn’t know this KYHD song would be a best selling records

they didn’t know if they could ever win awards again as 2

they didn’t know they’d succeed a TONE tour in 2012

they didn’t know they’d break their records with TIME tour on 2013

they didn’t know they’d celebrate their 10th year together with all the achievements they had now, and they’re nowhere near finish in this industry yet.

when I watched this I wonder how the 2 boys in this vid would react if they could see all the things they will achieve after this song was released even after all the chaos that happened and how would their present self feel if they rewatch this practice video because they’d know how far they went from this point.

isn’t our favorite group amazing

happy DBSK day (23/12), cassies <3

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fave track of the new album

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